Our Mission (possible!)

There’s nothing cooler than saving the planet. Our mission is to inspire people to make better choices by showing them the future can be both sustainable and delicious.

Back in 2019, we saw there was a need for a guilt-free burger that puts the planet first.

So we devised a plan.


Our end goal was simple: to give everyone, everywhere a more conscious answer to their cravings - without them missing the meat.

And the results? Find out for yourself, but we know they’re Game Changing!

Our Patty

Big Flavours, No Nastys

Dairy Free

Egg Free

Gluten Free

Allergen Free

GMO Free

Plant Based

Ethically Sourced

Preservative Free


It’s a lifestyle, not just a mantra, and we take our role as environmental gamechangers VERY seriously.

Every burger bitten, nugget noshed and tater tot tasted is a step towards a planet we can be proud of.

Doing More For The Planet By Using Less

  • Neat Burger Bowl

    Made From Sugar Cane

  • Hand and Fork Yellow

    Made From Corn Starch

  • Box

    FSC Certified

  • Hand and Fork Orange

    100% Compostable

  • French Fries

    100% Biodegradable

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Awards & Partnerships


  • Deliveroo Award 2021

    Deliveroo Best Vegan Brand 2021

    Voted by the public as the UK’s best vegan brand on Deliveroo 2021

  • Deliveroo Award 2020

    Deliveroo Best Vegan Brand 2020

    Voted by the public as the UK’s best vegan brand on Deliveroo 2020

  • GQ logo


    Nominated for 2021 GQ Sustainability Award

  • 7 x Grand Prix Championships

    The only GOAT you’ll find at Neat 🐐

  • Oscar for Best Actor, 2016

    What can we say, our team’s a talented bunch 😉

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Plant Powered Packaging

It’s not just our food that’s plant-based, our packaging is made with plants too!  We've teamed up with the eco-warriors at Packaging Environmental Ltd, the masters of planet-friendly packaging solutions, to ensure our food is sustainable from kitchen to plate.

Every single bit of packaging we use comes straight from the wizards at Packaging Environmental. From our recyclable burger boxes, to our biodegradable cornstarch cutlery, we've handpicked each item to ensure that doesn’t just talk the talk but can more certainly walk the walk.

Not only does our packaging look great AND is better for the planet, our bags and boxes use heat-protective technology which keeps food at the right temperature (and super fresh!) until it’s ready to be enjoyed.