NEAT is made up of a group of gamechangers united by a dream to create a sustainably delicious future for our planet. We’re making the dream a reality by creating the tastiest plant-based alternatives on the market, serving them up to everyone, everywhere through our beautiful restaurants, our delivery kitchens and *soon to be announced* through our global partnerships!

Lewis Hamilton

Lewis Hamilton

“We created Neat Burger to make plant-based eating more accessible to everyone, whether you eat plant-based all the time or just want to add it to your diet every now and again. The response to Neat Burger since we opened  has been incredible. I’m really proud of the boundaries we have been able to push in this space and the plans for expansion are really exciting.”
- Investor

Leonardo DiCaprio

“Disrupting our food system with sustainable alternatives is one of the key ways we can make a real difference in reducing global emissions. Neat Burger's pioneering approach to alternative-proteins is a great example of the type of solutions we need moving forward."
- Investor

  • Tomasso Chiabra

    Tommaso Chiabra

    Founder & Chairman

  • Zack Bishti

    Zack Bishti

    Founder & CEO

  • Stasi Nychas

    Stasi Nychas

    Founder & COO

  • Rajeev Misra

    Rajeev Misra

    Advisory Board

    As CEO of Softbank Investment Advisers, overseeing the firm’s Vision Fund, Rajeev lends unparalleled expertise and guidance to Neat Co.

  • Jeff Fried

    Jeff Fried

    Advisory Board

    As former chairman of Sweetgreen, Jeff provided unparalleled guidance to the founding partners as they scaled from their first store off Union Square to their IPO in 2021.

  • Mark Abell

    Mark Abell

    Advisory Board

    Mark is a globally renowned expert in franchise law. Mark brings 35 years of cross sector experience and expertise in equity partnerships to Neat’s global franchise strategy.

  • James Skidmore

    James Skidmore

    Advisory Board

  • Tom Ormond

    Tom Ormond


  • Gigi Playfair

    Gigi Playfair

    Head of Business & Partnerships

  • Denis Lak

    Denis Lak

    Head of IT & Digital

  • Bruno Trebbi

    Bruno Trebbi

    Head Of Food & Innovation

  • Isabella Aldridge

    Isabella Aldridge

    Head Of Marketing

  • Rowland Hill

    Rowland Hill

    Managing Director, Retail

  • Werner

    Werner Coetzee

    Head of Franchising

  • Laura

    Laura Fotheringham-Gunn

    Head of Operations & People

  • Gemma De Vyea

    People & Culture Coach