One Tasty Solution To Rule Them All 👑

Our mission is simple: to inspire people to make better choices by showing them the future can be both sustainable and delicious.

Say Hello To Neat Food Co

Neat Food Co is the future. A fast-growing, multi-channel food technology company providing conscious consumers with sustainable, ethical and delicious food that NEVER compromises on taste. We’re disrupting the food system with our innovative, omnichannel route to market; utilising QSR, CPG, delivery, food service and every other acronym you could think of to pave the way for a global sustainable future. It’s game-changingly good.

Hand and Fork

Future-Proof Food

We’re here to create the world’s most accessible fast-food alternatives that taste delicious, are better for you and better for the environment. 

We’re using cutting edge advancements in food-tech combined with recipes created by our in-house team of foodie fanatics to produce a collection of mouth-watering meals we’re proud of.

Burger in hand left

I'm Flexi & I Know It.

Being flexi is the new sexi, and we’re here to help make it as easy as possible by bringing you textures and flavours that are just like real meat.

“But to do that, your products must be really artificial right???”

Not with Neat. 

Our ingredients list is what we like to call ‘kitchen-cupboard clean’: meaning it’s only filled with high quality, fresh ingredients just like you’d find in your cupboards (not your uni cupboards, we mean your grown-up, quarter-life crisis cupboards).

The Secret Sauce

Can we let you into a dirty little secret? There’s more to us than meets the eye. Yes, we’re 100% plant-based, but really we’re so much more: we’re ethical, sustainable, delicious AND accessible all at the same time. 

The Neat experience starts at our playful brick and mortar restaurants or, as our marketing team like to call them, our “experiential brand hubs”. The design, branding and interactive nature of our restaurants creates an environment that encourages everyone to experience Neat - without feeling like they’re missing out on meat!

Big Burgers, Bigger Ambitions

Can’t stop thinking about that Neat Burger you had in one of our restaurants? Well you’re in luck, because now you can make them at home. 

This year our franchise network is growing, we're bringing all-star products to the aisles and a Neat Burger to Soho House (yes, really, but ✨creatives✨ only please).

Oh, and watch out Wall Street, the Wolf is on board and he’s coming for NYC.