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Our mission is to inspire people to make better choices by showing them the future can be sustainably delicious

Say Hello To Neat Co

Neat Co is a fast-growing, multi-channel food technology company providing modern consumers with sustainable, ethical and delicious products without compromising on taste. We’re disrupting the food system' with our innovative, omnichannel route to market; utilising QSR, CPG, delivery and food service concurrently to pave the way for a global sustainable future.

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Future Food

We’re here to create the world’s most accessible fast-food alternatives that taste delicious, are better for you and better for the environment. We’re using cutting edge advancements in food-tech combined with recipes created by our in-house team of foodies to produce a collection of proprietary products that we’re proud of.

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I'm Flexi & I Know It.

Our approach ensures that our proteins appeal to everyone. We’re here for the vegans, the vegetarians, the flexitarians and the meat-heads alike creating real life meat textures and flavours while keeping our promise of a clean label mandate. What does that mean? Our ingredients list is ‘kitchen cupboard clean.’ Our focus on high quality, fresh, clean-label ingredients has yielded results (that we think!) are game-changing.


The Secret Sauce

Our dirty little secret is being the most ethical, sustainable, delicious AND accessible all at the same time. Our route to market is via our playful and premium brick and mortar restaurants or ‘experiential brand hubs.’ The design, branding and interactive nature of our restaurants creates an environment that encourages consumers from all walks of life to experience Neat at restaurant level, building brand connection and loyalty.

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Neat Disruption

We’ve got some big plans. This year we’re rolling out some of our favourite Neat products so they can be enjoyed everywhere!

Neat Kits at home, Neat products in supermarkets, Neat Burgers in Soho House (yep - we’re on the menu!) and even Neat restaurants in New York! #watchthisspace