Turning Cheat Days Into Neat Days

Our 100% plant-based menu offers a guilt-free way for health-conscious consumers to enjoy all-American classics reimagined with healthier, simple, and clean ingredients. Our Neat patty, made with a blend of superfoods including mung beans, quinoa, and chickpeas, is packed with healthy fats and proteins.

The menu is designed to make eating plant-based an experience rather than a sacrifice, showing people that plant-based can also mean great taste. By offering a delicious and satisfying alternative to traditional fast food, we're making "cheat days" into "neat days" and appealing to a wider audience looking for plant-based options.

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  • 0% COW, 100% WOW

    Have we mentioned this? 😉 You can’t tell when you try them, but all of our burgers (and everything else) are made from plants!


    From plant to plate and back again, we’re proud of our commitment to sustainability which can be seen everywhere from our pioneering restaurants to our plastic-free packaging.


    Our entire product line is organic, which means no GMOs, no antibiotics, no weird chemicals - basically, no nasties!


    Neat products are created with two things in mind: to be better for you, and better for our planet. We keep our carbon footprint low by using ✨vertical-farming✨ solutions to source our ingredients.


    We’re BIG on taste and even BIGGER on science. Geeky explanation incoming 👩🏽‍🔬: our food scientists deconstructed the flavour profiles of meat and have replicated this in the plant-based powerhouses you’ll see in our restaurants.

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Each time you eat, a tree is planted by Neat.

We’re all about being game changers and we mean it. Working in partnership with the gang at The Eden Reforestation Project, we plant a tree for every Neat Burger eaten.

Trees Planted So Far:

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